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Two of my businesses are getting wrongly merged

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The results for my two businesses at the same physical location are being wrongly merged in Google searches creating an innacurate hybrid of the two:


The Royal College of Surgeons of England:


Hunterian Museum:


For example the phone number for the College is being shown as the phone number for the Museum (and the College is being classified as a museum). They are separate location listings on GMB. How can I fix this?


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April 2016

Re: Two of my businesses are getting wrongly merged

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Hi John,

Thanks for writing. I can direct you to this help article on correcting this information:

Additionally, you can use the "suggest an edit" link under the information.

Hope that this information helps!


Re: Two of my businesses are getting wrongly merged

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Hi Liz,


Suggest an edit will not help in this case.  That creates a Map Maker edit, and we cannot fix merges within Map Maker.  We also have no way of knowing that is the issue when just an edit to change the information is presented.


John, normally I'd say to follow the article the Liz left you first, but in this case a merge has definitely occurred.  I can tell this because searches for both lead me to just one feature within Map Maker, specifically  I'm lead there even when I use the CID of 17196069417541202464 that belongs to the The Royal College of Surgeons of England.


The only way to get this fixed is to have a Googler due it for you.  To report it to the correct department, click on the above link to get to the feature within Map Maker and then in the Edit menu choose Report This.  Mark it as Other Bad Data and then provide a comment along the lines of "Hunterian Museum and the Royal College of Surgeons of England have become merged.  The museum is a distinct department within the college that has it's own staff, own hours and own phone number.  Please separate them once again."


You can also link them to the two previous pages.  Be aware that untangling merges can be complex and take time.  Once they are finished one might end up being unclaimed, if so then contact GMB support to get them to combine your existing claim with the unclaimed feature.


Do still make sure to follow that article.  Also realize that Google's system does not understand address ranges, so instead of "35-43" you should probably pick the single number that is closest to the main entrance.  It might even help to use a different number to represent the college and the museum, picking the number for each that best represents their position in the building.