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Two listings one with incorrect address

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Ammonite Coatings

6435 Coach Hill Road SW Calgary Alberta Canada T3H 1B5

+1 587-777-0223


Currently, my client's business is showing on search and maps with the incorrect address: 6436 Coach Hill Road SW Calgary Alberta. This listing is still claimable, and I believe an error was first made when attempting to verify it.


Incorrect Listing:



The following is the correct listing (which is verified), but doesn't appear in Google Maps. The address actually is 6435 Coach Hill Road SW Calgary Alberta Canada T3H 1B5. The listing with the incorrect address is taking precedence, and this is causing problems.


Correct Listing:



Any help in the matter would be deeply appreciated.

Two listings one with incorrect address

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Hi Gary,


Have you tried reaching out to GMB support via your GMB dashboard?

Two listings one with incorrect address

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Well... after looking all weekend on my desktop GMB for a link to contact them, I received your suggestion on my mobile device and lo and behold, there were more options for contacting them. Not sure why that is this case, but sometimes Google seems to make it harder than it should be. Seems to be a little disconnect going on there as far as support.


I have had contact with a support person now, and the case has been escalated, so we will see where this leads.


Thanks Greg!