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Two different businesses at same address

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Hi all,


We have two businesses located at the same address. 


1. Acklam Car Centre - A prestige,performance, sports and 4x4 car dealership

2. Acklam MOT Centre - A separate MOT garage which is open to all public


Both businesses are located at the same address however both play very different roles. 


Google has detected these two businesses as the same business and has removed the Acklam Car Centre listing from google which is detrimental to our online business. We have over 97 reviews on this listing and rely on in for long distance customers. We also had about 60 photos show up for this listing.


How do I inform google that these two businesses are separate and get Acklam Car Centre reinstated?


I have recently called google on a few issues and the lady on the phone cut me off and since then I have been unable to find the request a callback button on google my business, is this a coincidence? I would appreciate any feedback on how I can get this issue resolved.


Kind regards



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Two different businesses at same address

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Hi Jason W

go Talk to a specialist  ;-)


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if you give my answer like or solved thanks