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Two businesses merged - no help from google my business

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Dear All,


I run a business called Winchmore Camps. We run holiday revision camps and let classrooms in a school (Highdown) during the holidays and run a company which exists as a separate entity to the school itself (Winchmore Camps @ Highdown School). On registering the holiday camp GMB has merged the school and our business resulting in many calls to our business regarding general school issues - we are not the school and do not to wish to receive these calls. The address of the school is Surley Row, Emmer Green, Reading, GB. When searching for Highdown school the following comes up only - This is wrong. 


Our business entry now has the schools reviews the schools entry has our phone number. How do we un-merge these two entries. GMB have now stopped communicating with me as they need a store front picture - which we dont have as we are not the school.


I have requested a complaints procedure and have also been refused this. 


If we delete the entry we will delete all the schools information and the school's entry will also still have out information.Please help! 


Laura Hunter 

Winchmore Camps