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Two Businesses Same Address - Can't Get a Hold of Google

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Hi Google community,


I am dealing with two different businesses that have many franchises. Some of these franchises operate out of the same location, with different customer service desks and different company names (taxes are not filed under the same company). But same location and, unfortunately, phone number. 


There are several Google My Business pages where one company was verified, and the second company operating out of the same location is not verified and, thus, not appearing in Google search engine results pages. I attempted to add "Suite A" and "Suite B" but that did not result in any changes. For example, the verified company page is: 


The second company should be called Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centre. I have tried multiple times to speak with a Google specialist, filling out the form for them to call me but have not received a call after 3 weeks. I'm not sure how to resolve this issue so any advice is much appreciated!