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2.7K members online now
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Trying to become primary owner, set up account with Godaddy Get Found

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1. Law Office of Jonathan James, LLC
2. 124 N Water St STE 206 Rockford IL
3. 779-500-0167



When I set up my google business account I used Godaddy Get found and they are the primary owner of my google business account.  I am currently a manager.  I have had an issue where the Get found program updated my business information with that of another get found user and my google business account had the wrong phone number, address and website.  I was able to log onto my google business account directly and change the information back to reflect my business information.  However, I do not wish for this to happen in the future.  Therefore, I would like to remove GoDaddy Get Found as the primary owner and I would like to become the primary owner.  I have a lot of positive reviews for my business and I want to ensure that any transition of primary ownership would not delete any of the many positive reviews associated with my Google Business account.  Please advise on how I can assume primary ownership of my account without affecting the reviews or information. 


Thank You!