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Trying to Recover Accounts Without Their Email Addresses

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I am currently working on a social media marketing campaign for my company, William H. Connolly & Co., LLC. We have two Google+ accounts, one which I would like to get rid of and the other which I want to keep.
The problem is no one seems to know who created them. I sent a message to the only one I was allowed to and got no response. Not a surprise seeing as they both have been inactive for quite some time. How can I find out who made them?
Please help me!


P.S. I am also experiencing the same problem with a company YouTube account, but I was not sure if this was the right place to ask.


Full Business Name: William H. Connolly & Co., LLC

Business Address: 56 Park St, Montclair, NJ 07042

Phone Number(973) 744-8500

1st Google+ 

2nd Google+


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Re: Trying to Recover Accounts Without Their Email Addresses

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Top Contributor

I can't help on YT issues (no own experiences)

But to the main question this hints:

I suppose you have tried all options to regain the lost credentials to the GoogleAccount managing both listings is question through Google Account Recovery to no avail


Then you have to follow the procedure as in here:

Someone else verified my business



Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Trying to Recover Accounts Without Their Email Addresses

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Haven't gotten access to the accounts yet, but your suggestion got me one step closer. Thank you!

Re: Trying to Recover Accounts Without Their Email Addresses

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@Devin M


Hello Devin,


I have checked the Google+ Links which you have shared.



This is a Profile Page and if you do not remember or know who has created it its impossible to gain access to it however you can try to get it removed by reporting Impersonation Here.



This is a Business Page Verified and Live on Maps you will need to claim ownership of this page to gain access if you don't know who created it or have no access to it. How to request Admin Rights Click Here.



Youtube Issue Please Click Here to know More & Get Help.


I hope this helps!



Tahir Mirza

Re: Trying to Recover Accounts Without Their Email Addresses

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Thanks Tahir, but I have already tried everything you listed.
I am in the process of trying to take the first Google+ page down, requested to be an admin for the second page but doubt I will receive an answer (However I did get a small lead when it gave me the first 2 letters of the email associated to whoever already claimed our business.) and YouTube seems like a lost cause, given the fact that I have no idea what the password is, the email/username, the person who may have created it, as well as any recovery phone # or email.

Thanks again though, and I will continue to try.