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Tolet Solutions, Chandigarh

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Business Name : Tolet Solutions Chandigarh India

Current Business Address : SCO 369, Sector 44-D, Chandigarh-160044

Current Telephone Number : 7696101101 & 7696202202

Google+URL :


Sir, I am the owner of Tolet Solutions Chandigarh India.  Some person has created a duplicate business of my name i.e. Tolet Solutions, Chandigarh with Phone Number 076961 12888.  The photos and website mentioned in this business carry my name and address also.  This causing lots of embarrassment and harassment to prospective clients and public.  You are requested to either display my phone number i.e. 7696202202 or 7696101101 on this business or remove this duplicate business from the google.  You may verify that this business does not contain the correct address and does not exist at the given address and phone number 076961 12888 does not belong to Tolet Solutions Chandigarh India.  Kindly help me immediately.

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Re: Tolet Solutions, Chandigarh

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few remarks at the beginning:


1# I can't see or find any duplicate at your address and business near the location 30.714457, 76.750900 and you missed to provide any link to it

2# there are two more listings with other phone number and addresses as below

one named as "Tolet Solutions, Chandigarh"
at SCO 177,, Sector 44D, Sector 38, Chandigarh, 160036
phone 076961 12888
(this is  a verified listing though)
an other one named as "Tolet Solution"
SCO 34-37,Second Floor, Suite no. 207A, Madhya Marg, 9D ·
phone 096469 27008
(this is  not a verified listing)

3# regarding your own business 


At least this violates heavily  Google Guidelines regarding the name  - no city name and no country name as part of the business listing are allowed

As the other bad named listing  "Tolet Solutions, Chandigarh" is verified nobody here in the help forum can remove or change it.

Report both listings as Spam in case you know for sure there arn't such business at their addresses




Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile