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4.2K members online now
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This location is a duplicate of a location that's already on Google.

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Magic Shred Inc.

624 W. University Dr.

Denton TX 76201



So I went onto My google business website and didn't see an option of 'logging on' so I input my companies information in hopes that it would give me access to it. WRONG. My Google My Business is now saying that I have a duplicate of my location. When I search Magic Shred it is only popping up with one location though. I have tried to have ownership transferred over to me but have not received a response and cannot access it as my business has only ever had one email that it could possible be linked to. I have contacted Google directly and got a message saying that

"I always try to be honest and forthcoming so, before anything else, I’d like to set clear expectations and inform you right away that the product/service you need help with is not supported by our team, since it is not one our our core products.
Our Google Cloud team offers support for the core set of G Suite services defined at The issue you are experiencing is currently outside the scope of our support offering so we won’t be able to offer you all the support you may require."


ALL I want to be able to access the Original Business Google listing for my company (it contains our ratings pictures everything)


Can ANYONE help?