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Terrible Customer Service From a Google Rep

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I have called 3 times now to assist with a Google business listing and the first rep was extremely rude. She would talk over me when explaining what I am seeing when trying to request ownership of my clients listing. I was trying to explain that there was not an option to claim the listing but to only create my client a NEW listing which I did not want to do. She kept interrupting me so I hung up. I called back 2 times after that and got 2 other people or maybe the same person because they sound like they were not from the US and they both hung up on me after asking what the issue was. One guy hung up on me after asking for my name. Like what kind of people is Google hiring???!!!! Google clearly does not care about customer service or the professionalism that these agent provide. I have been on hold a total of 30 mins to get a rep and they are rude or they just hang up. 

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Terrible Customer Service From a Google Rep

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@Sue b


Maybe you feel more tough as GoogleEmployees and other helpers like me here in the forum.

But reading the starting post here I got the impression you are the one TELLING or WISHING how their procedures should work.

Better would be to understand and accept the procedures as they are WORKING 

All other behavior is indeed is contraproductive and will not help you to help your client and wil alos not help helping you.

This said lets go on to oyur issue.

Supposed I read correctly you are about "requesting ownership of [your] clients listing" 

and supposed the listing is already verified by anyone else you indeed have to use this procedure "Someone else verified my business"

then this includes infact the need to start creating a listing - just read my linked article "Someone else verified my business"


Only in the unlikely case the listing in question is not yet verified you don't need to create a listing - just can use the link "Claim this business" on GMaps (left side)


Last but not least:


In case you ever came bach to this forum witj any issue about a certain bsuiness listing 

please include the following with your question then:
1. Full business name
2. Current business address
3. Current telephone number
4. Google+ or GoogleMyBusiness URL


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Terrible Customer Service From a Google Rep

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No when she is TELLING me I should see a Request Ownership button after FOLLOWING ALL of her INSTRUCTIONS and I'm letting her know that this is NOT what is happening and SHE kept cutting me off. But thanks your your response another rep was able to assist me with requesting ownership. Seems like all agents aren't on the same page there.