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4.9K members online now
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Store location account flagged as duplicate, verification and ownership request won't work. Help!

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As of yesterday, one of our store locations had one working GMB account that was active and had no issues. We used it to manage the location and even as of yesterday we were making GMB posts with no issue. Not that long ago we also tried to claim a duplicate profile for the same location, but were having problems getting the access (we couldn't find out what email owned the duplicate profile -- that isn't the issue I'm asking about today)

Today we went to make a new post and it wouldn't work. When we looked into why we saw that BOTH the profiles are not flagged as duplicates so we cannot access all the features in the main profile that we had been using just fine as of yesterday.


I tried clicking the button to start the verification process, but all that happened is the page refreshes. It wouldn't take me to the verification menu.


I tried requesting access/ownership, but when I submitted the request I got an error message that said: "Sorry, we are having some issues at the moment. Please try again later". We've kept trying every hour or so but the error message persists.


At this point I'm not sure what else I can do. All the usual means of fixing a problem aren't working due to technical issues, it seems. We need to be able to re-verify or re-claim our main profile so we can keep managing it, has anyone else had a similar problem or provide guidance on how to solve this?