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Someone else verified my page

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Good Day!


I have read this forum and hoping someone can help me. Saw threads about someone verifying someone else business lisitng. We are a victim of being hijacked as well but a Chinese Menu Online ordering company has taken over our listing now customer are directed to their website. We are losing our gain in the business. We already used the someone else verified our lisitng aand sent request to please give back the business to us. They still dont answer. We contacted google but was adviced to send request until they answer.


We are getting frustrated. Please rescue us.



Ming's Dynasty

4251 E Mississippi Ave, Glendale, CO 80246

(224) 212-0832


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Re: Someone else verified my page

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Hi @Trevor X


Can you confirm whether the restaurant has relationships with these businesses?

Chinese menu Online (presenting as,,, grubhub
Did the restaurant have a website of its own prior to the ownership change? If so, can you provide the website address?
Was the GMB listing claimed prior to the change?  And if so, did the owner use  a gmail account?
This has been escalated to Google for review already; please be patient as there have been a number of these requests lately.  

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Someone else verified my page

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it is a scam. same people that stole my google listing. please check the phone number and you will see.

Someone else verified my page

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@angelica r


Please start your own thread providing there all information to understand and investigate your issue
This allows us to keep the forum organized and gives you the attention you need. 
This ( ) is our top level Community--from there, you can click into the board title that is most applicable for your issue. Once you're in an individual board, you can click on the red/pink + sign in the lower right corner of the screen to start a new topic.


I will block this  older thread  now for new replies

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