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5.1K members online now
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Someone else has claimed my business as their own and verification issue

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I work for apartment complex business. However someone else who has no relation with my business have claim my business as their own(some of them are residence of the condo who try to find a renter). I sent a claim permission to their email but no one answer it. 7 of apartment that my business own, most of them have at least one to two duplication. Secondly, to verify my business, they have to mail the pass code to my address or call the number, however, the address google try to sent is wrong and mail never reach me(even though I put the right address in my business info) and for phone call it's the company number with automate voice call without dialing for the operator the message will never reach a human ear. 

Google has contact me once before and told me that he will talk to his superior about the issue. Still, it's been 3 weeks with no answer from them.