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Someone else claiming our business address

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I recently received verification of our real estate business, Help-U-Sell Santa Maria, on GMB.  Every time I open Google Maps to look for it, it isn't there, but when I search for it by address, it shows up. I also discovered that someone who worked in our office (years ago) has/had created an account with a business name almost identical to ours, HELP-US-SELL, and using our address.


Could this issue be the reason our business is not being shown on Google Maps? What can be done to correct this problem?


Help-U-Sell Santa Maria

602 E Main St

Santa Maria, CA


Thank you for your help.

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Re: Someone else claiming our business address

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"HELP-US-SELL" is an obvous duplicate - same address, same phone and almost identical name - though verified


Recommend to contact business support to get it merged with yours or even better to removed


The best way to contact business support:
contactflow & request a call back
Talk to a specialist
Global Phone Support Hours:
You can request in many (maybe not all though) countries a call back of experts of business support by phone. This should be possible on official working days and during their the day time only - try it from 9 or 10 AM until 5 or 6 PM


@Ken K:

Edited information:


Seems I was meanwhile able to delete the duplicate "HELP-US-SELL" from Google.

It can take one or two days until it happen deleted entirely.

Please doubleck this via this link:


In case it doesnt  anmymore show "HELP-US-SELL"  you can be happy.


If not you can still try contacting support reporting as a spammy dupe of your own listing




just checked  few hours later the link and the duplicate i gone!


Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Someone else claiming our business address

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Thank you sir for all your help! It is greatly appreciated.
I did notice that there is still no "label" showing for our business on Google Maps. I thought it would automatically be visible when viewing the general location, without entering any "search" information.
Thank you.