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Someone Else Claimed Ownership of My Business

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two weeks ago I received a request of ownership on my business which I denied. Now, the person I denied access to has manager access and a new primary owner was established... I had to request ownership and was given communications manager access. Can you please help me regain ownership of my business? It looks like there are now 2 accounts...


Schnitzel Shack 
6014 Georgia 21 Rincon, GA 31326-5573


(912) 295-5544 


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Someone Else Claimed Ownership of My Business

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HI @Kristin Z


usually we experience such behavior if a listing get stolen or hijacked by any "gangster platform" like Beyondmenu - as their goal is to change the order and menue links to their own benefit.

This seems not the case for your German Schnitzel-Restaurant


Actually the listing is "owned" and managed by this account:


Do you know (or have an idea) who is behind this account?

When did you denied the first ownership request and who was this user (you should have gotten a notifcation of the requesting user and his phone number)

After (despite of your deny) changing th owner ship:

When did you then request access and when did you got the Communication manager role and who else is shown up under "Users" in your dashboard.

(best would be) to provide a screenshot of the tab "Users" for the listing in question in your dahboard.


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Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile