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4.1K members online now
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Shared office space on Google My Business

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I have the same issue here. Three separate businesses all located on the same 500 acre property all sharing the same address. I am going to call Google to find out how to get one of the properties listed without creating problems for the main business.

I will send an update as soon as Google tells me what 
I should do.

Shared office space on Google My Business

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I just called Google: (866) 246-6453. The rep did a screen share with me. She walked me through the process of having another business on the property, same address, get a Google My Business account. The postcard should arrive in a day or two! Simple, simple and fast. When I mentioned to her that I would be updating this community, she said to tell everyone with this issue to call Google so they could help you get through the process.

Please let me know how it works out for you.

P.s To the Manager: Please update the name. Nancy L is not affiliated nor employed with The Glades RV Resort, Golf and Marina in Moore Haven, Florida 33471

Thanks, Theresa Sabin

Theresa Sabin

The Glades RV Resort, Golf and Marina


Shared office space on Google My Business

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Hi everyone!


Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. 


Google handled this issue flawlessly!


What you do is call Google my Business 1-866-246-6453. Once you are directed to the rep, request a video chat to verify your business. You may say I said to do this. Please make a note of my name: Theresa Sabin - The Glades RV Resort Golf and Marina - Crumb's Country Grill - (please do not use Nancy L - she does not exist she is a typo on this community bulletin). This will be very helpful to you to mention me and my info that I just gave you because I was one of the first businesses to use video chat as it was in beta at the time.


This process is superb and works flawlessly.


I hope to hear back from you about how this worked for you!