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Seatech Marine

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The one that Chris provided link for, however it is not owned or managed by Chris.

Hi there. I've started managing a new clients Google Plus page, but it is a bit of a mess. There are several.


I want to keep the one that has had the most views and followers but for some reason I can't see how many views they have had.

This is an old one and is coming up as a duplicate, apparently not live because it is a duplicate.

Recent new one that I set up but it is also now saying it is a duplicate and isn't live, however this was recently verified with the Google card.

This I think is probably the oldest one and perhaps the one we should be trying to keep.  It is verified, however it is not managed by my client. How can we bring this across to his account to either delete or update?  

There are a few other accounts using Seatech Marine as their name but not much is happening with them and they are not owned or managed by my client.  Are we able to request them to be deleted if they are owned by someone else?


Thank you.  Appreciate your help on this one to clean it up.



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Re: Seatech Marine

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Hi Mel

If you mean cleaning up pages these two pages:

You probably won't be able to. These are personal profiles and without the logins, they'll very likely stay.
However you can try reporting those as impersonators:


If the page you want to keep is not managed by your client, they can request an ownership transfer
Once complete, you can clean up those duplicates. Tim has written an excellent guide here:
How to Report a Duplicate Google Business Page

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