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2.8K members online now
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Says business is already verified, but the business it shows is a totally separate business

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We are Poindexter FloorCare, while we share a space with Poindexter Flooring, they are separate companies, separate websites, etc. Despite having successfully verified via postcard, Google is telling me now repeatedly that it is a duplicate business, and shows me the google maps listing for poindexter flooring. I don't want to transfer ownership of flooring to floorcare, nor do I want to be the 'manager' of flooring. How do you clarify to the google business system that they are in fact distinct companies that are not duplicates of one another and require separate listings? What is flagging them as the same company? Merely the same address, because that seems awfully simplistic. 


Our address is 2913 N Jefferson Way, Indianola IA 50125