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Roro's Chicken: Listing repeatedly stolen. Unsure how.

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1. Roro's Chicken

2. 6660 Sunset Blvd ste c, Los Angeles, CA 90028

3. 3234619999



Our listing is getting stolen repeatedly. We are primarily interested in how it is getting stolen.

In our conversations with multiple Google reps via google chat: Per Google's policy: it is impossible to take a listing without a post card. This has been explained to us emphatically multiple times. However, it does not appear to be even remotely true. We have not received a postcard and nobody at the restaurant has ever given them a code. Yet they have still be able to take the listing. 


This is a predatory company that steals our listing, and then changes the phone number so it redirects to a custom number that automatically texts the caller to order online through them. We are forced to pay 20% per order. 


How is this happening? What can be done to prevent it? We've asked the Google reps how this is happening and they are atrociously uncooperative. They refuse to tell us per (once again) "company policy". Despite the fact that we are the owners of the business inquiring about how our own listing was stolen. 


This is becoming a serious issue. 

Roro's Chicken: Listing repeatedly stolen. Unsure how.

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Could be that they own your website?  They have found an exploit in your website and change the number to the website then they change the number to your listing.  


There are several ways it can be done.


Let me know if you have any further questions if you provide more details of how this company became part of your business it would be helpful in identifying the problem.