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2.4K members online now
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Rival company business card appearing under our brand search

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1. Exterion Media (UK) Limited
2. Exterion Media , 7th Floor, Lacon London , 84 Theobald’s Road , London , WC1X 8NL 
3. 020 7482 3000




I feel like i'm pulling my hair out as this has been going on for over a year. 


When you search for our business Exterion Media in Google, instead of seeing our business card you see the business card for a rival company Outfront Media. We are in now way linked to this company and actually are competitors!



I spent about 3 months harassing Google last summer and eventually the results were corrected where our Business Card was shown - but now it's reverted back! What is Google thinking?!?!


I have already requested a change whilst I am logged in as the webmaster of the topics official website '' . I can also confirm that web & App Activity is turned on. 


This is a competitive business issue because the whole card is for a different company - Outfront Media.

It's the equivalent to you searching for Facebook and seeing the card for Myspace on the right hand side.


I just want this to be changed to Exterion Media again. I have no idea why it's reverted back. 


Many Thanks, 



Rival company business card appearing under our brand search

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Collaborator ✭ ☆ ☆

Hi @Exterion M - My personal suggestion would be to add schema to your website. Your competitor has it and looks to help in the knowledge graph.


Then I'd look at how other sites are linking to your competitor. It's not difficult to rank for a competitor keyword if their link building strategy is solid.