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Reviewer reviewed another business, against me

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Please help. A reviewer just put a review against me and I'm sure they intended it to go to someone else or another company as I do not cut grass, pressure wash and my wife did not just have a baby. Please correct this Google. The reviewer is not one of my customers. I don't know who this person that wrote this review and i don't have anybody in my customer base by her name.

Also, I actually spoke to the the young lady that left this review and she said she is in Charleston SC. Plus,  she said they were African American people  and I am Caucasian  so this is yet another major discrepancy. I don't have any African-American people working for me at this time and have not in some time.

  To continue elaborating on her location, I don't service Charleston. I'm am not near Charleston. I only service about 25 miles around Charlotte North Carolina, which is hundreds of miles away from Charleston South Carolina. If you will look at my range indicator in the Google AdWords program, you will see and be able to verify what I'm talking about in that I do not service Charleston SC. Thanks


 My website is 


My phone number is 704-493-3405 my name is Michael Butler 


I am the owner of the company.

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Reviewer reviewed another business against me

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Hi @X3dz


Your best best is to flag the review, and let Google's team decide whether the review stays or not.


The thing about this review is that it doesn't violate the guidelines.  It's going to be very difficult to get it removed, but do try anyway.


Simply stating your customer service is not at this standard will not be enough for people reading your response. I don't know of any business which does shoddy that would happily agree they do that, in writing, in a public place.


If you don't offer many of the services the reviewer is complaining about, state those clearly.  This will help readers and even perhaps the Google team with their investigation.


After flagging the review, wait a couple of weeks for the team to evaluate it. If the review remains in place after then, tag me on this post and we can have a look at it.


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Reviewer reviewed another business against me

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This is the short story. This review was not intended for me. I don't cut grass or pressure wash.  I have not been on HomeAdvisor in 2+ years. And... My wife did not have a baby. This is obsurd!