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Restaurant Listings (Website on Google Profile) - BULK

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Dear Google Support or Hopefully someone who can help us.  We have been trying for MONTHS to help a few restaurants regain access to their own google profile.  Every time they get it - somehow they lose it, without any feedback on their part.  


It is so bad now, that the restaurant has a sign up on their window which reads
"Dear Customers please do not use the Website Link on the Google Search Engine to order from us"


We do not have any more energy or time available to waste to support this restaurant, so we hope that someone on this forum will help. 


The restaurant is Kuzina The Greek Kitchen at 1458 Hylan Blvd
- The address for some reason on Google shows up as 1923, 1458 Hylan Blvd (not sure why)
- The OFFICIAL website is "" - the website on Google is ""



Please Please Please, Stop displaying this to "Googlers", it is hurting the business financially, it is hurting the customers financially, the restaurant owner is calling me every day to help him, and we have tried for many months, but can no longer support this operation.  It would cost the restaurant a fortune to try to fix this.  


There are many other restaurants location that have this problem, but the owners aren't as persistent,  they just marked up the menu for Google Users using that website (15%) or so, so we won't mention them here.  


but for that restaurant, can you please help us, the restaurant does not want to charge his customers more for ordering through Google.  


Okay thank you all in advance.