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2.3K members online now
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Removing a deleted location that underwent a name changing...

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Hi everyone,


I worked in a law frim and managed their My Business account.

I recently left and opened my own shop, so I opened a new business listing alongside my old firm's (and verified it).

The thing is I that everytime someone googled my name they found my old firm's listing which appeared first while my own shop was second.

I really wanted to delete my old firm's listing but I couldn't figure out how to do it.

So reluctantly I chnaged the name and address my old firm's listing (despite it having a bad review).

That changed the google search results almost immidiately.

Later I found out how to delete the whole "business" and did so.

This created a problem: now googling my name it shows only the old listing (without the new one), with my name and bad review that isn't mine.


Please help.


Removing a deleted location that underwent a name changing...

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OK. Its lame I'm answering myself but hopefully this will help some one at some point.

So the situation is you renamed a business location, then deleted it, then discovered you screwed up.

Start incognito mode on chrome (not a must, but when I figured out what to do I was in incognito mode).

Google search so that the record is showing and look for the "Own this business?". Click it, follow the instructions.

This will restore the location to you "my business account".

Then rename it and delete it again.

Best of luck.