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Remove myself as owner of Business Page

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A number of years ago I was listed as an owner instead of a manager at a restaurant that is now permanently closed. I marked it as closed today, however, when I tried to delete the listing it listed a bunch of not so "yada yada yada" that included me accepting financial responsibility, which I have no reason to accept. How do I get removed from this account? The owner is listed as an invited manager, but I am unsure if her email address is still being checked. Please help!


Full Business Name: The Wellington Steakhouse

1060 Hansen Rd, Green Bay, WI 54304



Thank you!

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Re: Remove myself as owner of Business Page

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The "accept financial responsibility" ONLY concerns any existing AdWords Express accounts that may owe Google for advertising. As owner, you are currently responsible anyways if an AdWords Express tied to this account exists. When you log into the Google My Business account, if you see this:


gmb example.png


there is no AdWords Express account tied to the GMB account, and so nothing to be financially responsible for.  Proceed with


IF there is an AdWords Express account active, shut it down first and then delete the business page.

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