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Regain ownership from unauthorised individual

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We been asked to assist one of our customers who has an issue with someone else having ownership access to their Google My Business account.


The individual set the account up originally on their behalf but has since been removed from the business for legal reasons.  Our customer managed to get the ownership transferred to them last week using the Ownership Conflict process but the previous owner has since regained them again and has made unsolicited changes to their details.


Our customer needs this individual to be removed from access to the account completely but the previous employee will not transfer ownership.  I am not willing to provide details of the business name etc. on here as it is a public access forum.  Please can someone advise how we (or our customer) can contact you to explain the situation and arrange for the ex-employee's details to be removed and blocked from the My Business portal.  We have tried to find contact numbers or chat details without success.


This is an extremely sensitive and critical (child-related) matter so your assistance would be appreciated urgently.

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Regain ownership from unauthorised individual

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Hi Rob


To get in touch with GMB Support:

1- log into your Google my business dashboard
2- select support from left hand side hamburger menu
3- a help screen will appear to the right
4- Scroll down and select 'Phone' to request a call back from GMB Support. If not available, select 'Email'.

If the above steps don't work you can contact support via:

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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