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Regain access to my GMB listing from Grublabs (former Tap2Eat)

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Hello @Ben Fisher @Tim Capper

I have one issue that seems impossible to solve, thus we need your help.

The business info are the following:
1. Full business name: Bari Pasta & Pizza
2. Current business address: 1640 E First St #A Santa Ana, CA 92705
3. Current telephone number: (714) 332-3674 (our real phone number is (714) 835-0757) 
4. Google Maps URL:,-117.9156458,12z/data=!4m18!1m12!...


Email [associated with the case]:
The story goes like this:
We have unfortunately done business with an online ordering company Grublabs (former Tap2Eat) and they have made an alternative phone number and keep posting it as our official phone number on GMB which is really hurting my business because customers can't reach us and when they call that "alternative phone number" they begin the automated voice message system with that we are no longer taking orders through the phone and only through there so called "platform". So, our customers are finding it really hard to get in contact with us and as a result we're losing a lot of business because of this. We don't know how they gained ownership of our GMB. Probably at one point, they have mislead some of our employees getting the verification pin without informing the management of the business.
We have ask several times ownership transfer of the listing, they have neither denied nor accepted such request. We even called at their official contact phone number, and they are not willing to release the listing.
Instead granting ownership to us, they are tricking the GMB automated ownership transfer system by adding us as "Managers", switch us to "Communication managers" and then they delete us immediately, the same day (which means our ownership request fails, drops down), and this is happening several times.
This is in breach of the following Google policy [] which states, in part: "Always respond to management access requests promptly, and always transfer listing ownership to the business owner immediately upon request. Authorized representatives must, whenever possible, encourage the business owner to create an account, own the listing, and add authorized representatives as managers. 
Failure to adhere to these policies may result in a suspension for the listing and/or account...." 

Is there a way you as GMB Top Contributors or someone from GMB Support like @Marissa_GMB can help us?? 
Trust me, we have called GMB Support team by phone, and probably since they are not trained well, they tell us to ask again ownership rights, and when we tell them that we have done this several times, they advice us to switch email and ask again. This leads us to a dead end since again current listing owner Grublabs (former Tap2Eat)  makes the same trick adding us as "Managers", switch us to "Communication managers" and then they delete us immediately, the same day.

To confirm all stated above, G reps can call us at the store phone number, or we can sent over to them the business licence as a proof, if needed etc.
We can undertake as business owners whatever needed from our end, just to solve this case. Suspending the current listing and disabling his gmail account would be fair enough, so we can re-verify it and regain ownership.
Ofcourse, GMB policies are clear that they protect the business owner, yet for now we still cant gain access to our listing.

Thank you and kind regards.
Bari Pasta & Pizza
1640 E First St #A, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Re: Regain access to my GMB listing from Grublabs (former Tap2Eat)

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Sorry if i stated another email in the forum. I have two emails that i use for my business. 

Regain access to my GMB listing from Grublabs (former Tap2Eat)

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I have been able to gain access! No further action is necessary.