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Regain Access to my GMB Listing from Grublabs (former Tap2Eat)

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Hello GMB Team and Contributors,
I just wrote to GMB Support Team in Tweeter about this and waiting for an answer, but I thought I also ask help here in the GMB Community if someone can escalate it to the right stuff.
I own this business and I cant regain ownership of my GMB listing:
Village Pizza & Seafood 302 N Main St, Highlands TX, 77562
Store number: +1 (281) 426-6901
Public URL:,-95.058359,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1...
Email associated with the business: village*****
Well, I have had a cooperation with one online ordering company (among lots of them) called GrubLabs, former Tap2Eat (I just found this link and without my consent they have managed our listing (probably in the beginning of our cooperation that have sent and got the pin by phone from my store gatekeepers without letting me know as an owner).
When I found out what they have done and that they have switched our store phone number from our GMB listing with their tracking number +1 281-545-0026 leading to an automated answering machine I immediately stopped cooperating with them and asked them to give me the GMB ownership.
They didn't want to release the listing for some time, I called GMB phone support and they where telling me to ask ownership rights and then suddenly one day our listing was free to claim, probably we assume they have been suspended or something like that. When we claimed the "free to claim" listing and tried to verify it by phone, we couldn't do it since the pin was going to their tracking number and not to our store number.
When we asked for help from GMB Support, they told us to ask a PIN by a postcard, which we did. The postcard arrived just before some days and when we put the pin, the listing first was under review and then got duplicate. When I called GMB support, they told us that someone has already verified the listing by phone, which initially thought it is impossible since we never gave the pin to anyone if they have called to the real store number +1 (281) 426-6901, but then we figured it out that Grublabs basically re-verified the listing by sending the pin to themselves to that tracking number +1 281-545-0026.
Even though our listing got verified by a postcard, meaning we are the rightful owners of the location and of the GMB listing, since the system made us a duplicate, which is not right, again we agreed to respect what GMB Support recommended us.
Then we asked the GMB Phone support team member what we can do further, they told us we should ask for ownership rights of the current verified listing, which we know that we would get a denial, since GrubLabs will never release it or give us ownership, as they impersonate us, harass us and we assume they do the same to other businesses based on hat I have read for them online. And it came up true, the moment I asked for ownership transfer, they added me as communication manager, and this way I cant do anything, so they trick the automated ownership transfer system Google have set up in place, meaning instead of transferring to us ownership or making a denial to me, so we could appeal it and get it verified, they add us as communication managers, and this way we cant do a appeal. Please check all this facts, and help me regain access to my GMB listing. I can supply you with my business licence or whatever proof needed to get that transfer done. We are loosing lots of customers because of this unprofessional company Grublabs/TaptoEat, and we are not the only one as far as I can see.
Dont know if this would help you somehow track their emails, but before we where getting ownership rights requests from them from this emails: and Thank you and kind regards,
Amit Daxa
Business Owner
Village Pizza & Seafood 302 N Main St, Highlands TX, 77562