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4.3K members online now
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Recovery of listings from former employee

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I work as the Digital Marketing Specialist for The Corvallis Clinic. Part of my job duties includes managing the online listings for the 113 independent providers we have at our 10 locations. A previous employee verified 17 of these listings, below are the details for one of them:


1. Full business name - Allender, M Patrick MD: The Corvallis Clinic Pediatrics
2. Current business address - 3680 NW Samaritan Dr. Corvallis, OR 97330
3. Current telephone number - 541-754-1278
4. Google Maps URL -,+M+Patrick+MD:+The+Corvallis+Clinic+Pediatrics/@44.602111...
5. Website -


This was verified about 5 years ago. I called the previous employee to request a transfer of ownership. She was very nice and willing to help, but could not remember the dedicated email address she managed these listings on. Google will only show me 


I requested ownership through Google and was told that I could verify ownership if there was no response within 7 days. When I go to the email and click View Request, I receive this message:


Ownership request for Allender, M Patrick MD: The Corvallis Clinic Pediatrics
We sent your request for ownership to the current owner on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
Please wait for a response from them.
While you're waiting for a response from the current owner, you can suggest an edit to the listing. The edit may be reviewed faster.


Please help me to claim these listings. 


Wade Mitchell

Digital Marketing Specialist