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Recovering my name from a business

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My name is associated with a health system that I have not worked for in 1.5 years.  I have tried to change the information via Google. I can't verify this as my business because the phone number is the main line (answered by a computer) and the company does not forward mail.  In addition, the location still provides health care services and is the property of the health system.
What is the process to get this changed to my current location?
Essentially this has hijacked my name and made it impossible for me to control my image, name, and business?  Patients are confused and have difficulty locating my actual practice.
Dr. Damian Rispoli
Orthopedic surgeon in York County, Pennsylvania
 25 Monument Rd, York, PA 17403
 (717) 812-4090

Recovering my name from a business

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Recovering my name from a business

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Hi Damian,


When I put your name in the Google Search bar, the Knowledge Panel appeared with your Name, Address and Phone # that you listed above. You need to claim and verify your address by clicking on the link that says: Own this business? Or you can use the link to claim your listing by clicking here.


After you have claimed and verified your listing try this:


1. On the GMB listing that your former employer has for you, click on the 'suggest and edit' link in the knowledge panel.  


2. Select 'Yes' for the tab that says Moved, Closed or Was Never Here


3. Then select  the 'Moved' tab.


If that does not work contact Google My Business Support for further assistance.


Another possible way for a practitioner to get their name removed from a former practice:


1. If possible un-verify the listing.

2. Once listing is unverified you can have the listing marked as moved from the main practice.

More details about this method in this article, by Joy Hawkins.


You should also update all of this listings for your practice in other Business Directories and across all social media channels.


Since these are the first to show up in my Google Search for your name, I'd start here:


There is a link to claim/update your listing in the four directories listed above. I just selected the first 4 but you can Google yourself and claim all the relevant and industry specific directories to update your info. This way when Google searches for your information the consistency of your NAP+W (Name, address, phone number + website) will steer traffic (your customers) towards the current listing.


I hope this helps!


Local SEO Ashley