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4.7K members online now
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Problems with sorting and deleting fotos

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# 1
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1) I started on Google with one account. After a while I created in Google a business-website and put 3 fotos on it (as a test).

Lateron I created a secondary account to separat business and other activitities. With my secondary account I have now put much more fotos on the business-website, but I can't delete the first 3 fotos, because they are now flagged as customer-fotos. So I tried to delete them by giving my first account the owner-rights on my secondary businessaccount, but the first 3 pictures are still customer-fotos which I can't delete. The pictures are outdated and they are very annoying to see. Is there any possibility to delete them?

2) I have many pictures on my business-website but I can't show them in a orderly way. I have already deleted them all and started to add them piece by piece but they are still shown on the site in a random fashion. Very annoying!! Can I order my fotos some how?

3) Because the pictures are not ordered in a way I like, I added a title and comment to them with Photoshop and up-loaded them again. But I can't see title or comment when I look at my website. What is wrong?

4) Because I can't find any other way to get in contact with Google I have - after hours - find this way to contact somebody - I hope!

It is so frustating and irratating when you use some Google-product but you have no way to contact Google for questions!!!!!! And yes, I don't use facebook, twitter, etc.

Because there is almost no alternativ I'm still here, otherwise I would have left Google and it's product some time ago!

Best regards, Gerd

Problems with sorting and deleting fotos

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# 2
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It is very difficult to control which photos are displayed on your google my business listing but you can suggest preferences to Google


To change your first photo preference, choose the three dash menu icon and choose Profile, Logo, or Cover and pick the photos you want displayed (there is no guarantee google will display them)


For the customer photos,  you can get the customer photos removed by reporting them by bringing them up in Google Maps -

1)Search for business in Google Maps 
2) Click photo
3)Select the "Report A Problem"
4)Choose reason for reporting photo

5) Wait. Hopefully it will be removed in time.

Re: Problems with sorting and deleting fotos

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# 3
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Dear Steven, this is no solution at all. The 3 catagories you mention have each 1 foto! I have 4 apartments on the site with approx. 60 fotos, this means 15 pictures per apartment. My customer can't tell which aparment they are looking at. So I tried to sort them in a reasonable way. But nada! So I added with photoshop title and subject and uploaded the fotos again. All you see is nothing. It's very frustating to work with Google! They promote many pictures by the business but allow no sorting or comments with the fotos. Very, very annoying!