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Problems adding/managing Google Map Locations

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Neurotherapy Montreal
3400 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest Suite 100, Montreal, Quebec, H3R 2E8
(514) 481-7867

I’m an administrator of a Main Google account that belong to the Businesses Director of 3 distinct business & 4 Websites. ( Main Account under his Name “Name of Director”)

We manage all the G-Analytics, G-Adwords and more in this same account.

I’m sorry to present multiple problems here, but they are somewhat related…

The business in this account are :
Neurotherapy Montreal — New site that should replace (in-time) the old site/name “The Montreal Neurofeedback Center

— (Both have distinct G-Analytics, etc…)
Montreal Tinnitus clinic — A distinct business, but situated at the same location

— (Different phone number, site, G-Analytic and all, Same Address…)

TinnitusLab — Distinct business, Not important here… No Google Map needed...

* My goal is to create/add all the Google maps location for these business and controls them under this Main Google Account (Director).

This is where I am so far, in adding the Locations.

See included image for comprehension…


Business Account & Location 1 :Name of Director” If I remember well ?, this was there by default with the name of the Main Account Owner/manager. (“Name of Director”)
• At first, I add the “Neurotherapy Montreal location there that I really like to move now, to the newly created “Location 2”
— The only goal here, is to have this G-Map location under a real business name, not under the Director name default account

Business Account & Location 2 :Neurotherapy Montreal
• Created after, I just want to move Location 1 there without loosing any other data from the Main Account —>  “Business Account & Location 1” “Name of Director

Business Account & Location 3 : Montreal Tinnitus Clinic
• Created after and trying to bring the already “Verified” location. It seem that the Son of the director created the location

Business Account & Location 4 : The Montreal Neurofeedback Center
• Created after and trying to bring the already “Verified” location. (Created by Son of director) — This site will be phase out and be replace  by Location 2 : “Neurotherapy Montreal

QUESTION 1: How to move the Location 1 from “Name of Director” to “Neurotherapy Montreal” without loosing any data in the Main Account ?

QUESTION 2: what will be the easiest way to bring back the location already “Verified” by the Son of the director to their respective Business Accounts ?

Note: I look at the “Request Ownership” method but I’m not to sure how it work & if I make the request inside the Main Google account, I guess the Director himself will receive the emails or instruction for the Ownership and I know he will have difficulty to proceed???
Can somebody also explain to me that “Request Ownership” method with a little bit more details to the procedure, like that I can guide the Director & his Son trough?

QUESTION 3: How it’s possible that a location become “Verified” by his Son or anybody else, when I know he didn’t do anything else then a adding photos and infos to the Google Map Infos ?