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2K members online now
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Problem accessing business account

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Monticello Homes

20734 Stone Oak Parkway Suite 103

San Antonio, TX 78258



I have taken over marketing and social media from a previous employee and do not have the login information for the current business site which also affects our YouTube channel.  I have another account that was set up for the analytics but not the Google+ page. How can I get this reset?


Martha Fields

Re: Problem accessing business account

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Hi Donna,

If you are trying to claim the profile in the link you provided, this is actually a 'personal' profile and not a business listing. Unfortunately, the only way to claim this would be to retrieve the specific login for this profile.

I found a couple other business listings that show some different NAP information, but might help lead you to find the login information for that profile. Do you know who currently manages these business listings? Obviously, don't share specifically since this is a public forum :)

If so, I would reach out to that person or group of people to see if they have information on the login information for the profile you mentioned above.

Now, if you are trying to claim the business listing, you will first want to go here:,%20Stone%20Oak%20Parkway,%20San%20Antonio,%20T...

Click on the business listing that matches what you would like to claim. You'll notice that Google notifies you that "Someone else has already verified this listing". Click on "Request Ownership".

Fill out the form on the next screen to send a notification to the current listing owner. If you have not heard from them within 5 business days, reach out to Google support and they can help you manually begin the process to re-claim the map listing.

I hope that helps answer your question, or at least, helps begin your process to gaining access to your page!