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Private Residence Address Incorrectly Listed for Location of Legitimate Web Design Business

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I have been trying to have this "fixed" for well over 2 yrs now.  A legitimate web design business has my home address as their business location/address in Google searches.  Despite my reviews, comments and so on on their various pages, I am still receiving numerous items of mail, and a few weeks ago had a very unpleasant visit at my home by a potential customer of the company, who got very belligerent when I tried to explain that no, the business was not at this address, never had been and was never associated with said business.  The visit felt threatening enough that  I made a report to the local police. 

I did manage to make contact with the business owner who was apologetic, had seen my reviews and had tried to remove my address from any listing, however, he told me that Google was the one that put the address in and he was unable to change the listings; something about Google auto-listing services.  He had Google send me a letter with a "Verify My Business" verification code, but of course, I can't log in to the business' e-mail address as I don't have it.  Not sure how it would help anyway as the code verifies the business which would, in turn, verify the address, mine, to which the letter was sent.
How do I get Google to remove my address from the business listing so my private residence no longer shows in the search results?
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Re: Private Residence Address Incorrectly Listed for Location of Legitimate Web Design Business

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Can you provide a link to the business listing, or the address being displayed in the listing so I can find it.

Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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