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Please separate these two businesses!

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# 1
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I have a serious problem with the service Google Maps. I've added a new Place (my workplace) that is "Gävle Strand hälsocentral" but when you search for that name either on google or on maps either via computer with IE or android phone with updated Chrome browser the problem persists.
The search should return one item "Gävle Strand din Hälsocentral" located at Alderholmsgatan 7.,17.1621252,18z/...

Phonenumber +4626637000
The place called "Andersberg din Hälsocentral" is a totally different care provider. They are not linked together. They are not one and the same. It is a catastrophy for our business that when you search for us a rival care provider appears.



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Please separate these two businesses!

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# 2
Top Contributor

Hello @Lars E


Obviously your are talking  about two  different  but  similar named &  unverifed listings



as far  as  I understood it  so far the listing 2# is yours  and it is correct  and there is no reason to complain  about (correct me in case I'm wrong)

However  oyu are concerned  about listing  1# - right?


Now  the  most important  question:whats wrong with  1#?


Is  is just the  same  name (note:1# comes in fact  with two different  names:  "Gävle Strand Din Hälsocentral" and  "Andersberg Din Hälsocentral")


Is  this  all  describing correctly the situation  and oyur issue?



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