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2K members online now
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Phone Number

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Business Name: Seema Beauty Parlour

Address: Block 1 Nazimabad, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 74600

Phone : (021) 36623234 ( This is incorrect )

Website :

Map view:,67.0246538,18.75z/dat...


The detail requested are as follow. I own this business and someone changed the phone number which was registered. 

This name of the beauty parlour is Seema beauty parlour and I believe someone else changed the number to ROSE Beauty parlour. I called the number and they claim that they are rose beauty parlour and telling completely different address.


Now, I am unable to change the number as I do not remember the email address which I used to create the Google Business map.


I have tried to " Claim the ownership"  But they are asking to verify the number which is of Rose beauty parlour.


I would like you to change the number to 0092-3129695415 This number belongs to Seema beauty parlour. If you would like to verify the business by called both business would be great.


Or, if you can guide me the Email address or provide me with the hint of the email address registered with Google business, I will able to remember it.


Kindly resolve the issue asap.


Thank you



Re: Phone Number

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Have you tried to suggest an edit to the listing to update the phone number?


 Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.58.17 AM.png

Re: Phone Number

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Yes, I have tried to suggest to edited and it still pending