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Ownership transfer requests are requesting the wrong business

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1. Fiona Dumas - Compass Real Estate 

2. 390 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022 

3.646.322.5489 (Please contact me via email instead)



Hi All, 

I represent a local Google business which is having difficulty determining which Google account is associated with their Google Listing or re-accessing it in order to update it to reflect our recent move. When you search our business name ("Fiona Dumas"), the business appears. 


However, when we submit a request for ownership transfer, we received the following message: 

"My name is Anna from the Google My Business support team and I’m confirming that we’ve just passed your access request for Douglas Elliman Real Estate at local page on Google My Business to the current owner of this page." 


We are not requesting ownership of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, we are requesting ownership of "Fiona Dumas - Real Estate Agency" in order to update the new brokerage we work for (we moved from Douglas Elliman to Compass). 


We've also tried starting an entirely new business page, however we're told that its a duplicate of an already existing page (perhaps the Douglas Elliman Real Estate one). 


Thank you for any help! 






We al

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Ownership transfer requests are requesting the wrong business

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Top Contributor

the mail you got from GoogleBot "Anna" comes to you after having used the procedure "Someone else verified my business"

Annas response  reflects what URL  oyu entered  as "busines in question"

At least the business URL you provided here in the thread as is inappropriate as this isn't a GooglenyBusiness URL at all 



I did not found any business named as oy mentioned in oyur starting posting for the address.

The only one I found at or near  the address is and its called jsut "Comapss"


what URL did oyu entered in the form according "Someone else verified my business"?

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile