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4.3K members online now
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Ownership transfer lead to Double Business Listings

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My client has had the following biz listing since 2015.,+Attorney+at+Law,+PLLC/@35.0593461,-80.8522416,15z...


She didn't know what email address claimed it so I went in to request ownership.  It gave me the email addrss as we....@gmail.  We didn't know who that was so I requested ownership and waited the 7 days.  Once the 7 days was up and there was no response Google said we could have a postcard mailed.  I went through the verification process thinking I would get ownership but instead it created a new listing.,+Attorney+at+Law,+PLLC/@35.0904659,-80.8455254,15z...


I do not need or want this new listing.  I want access to the old listing that has pictures and reviews.  Now they are telling me to go through the 7 day waiting period again. 


Not sure why, but now I think this is only going to create a 3rd listing.  Any help is appreciated! Thanks