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Ownership request for several of our businesses were denied, with no appeal available.

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I am an employee for a large regional owner/operator of gas stations. We are looking to gain control over our google listings in order to better manage our online presence, however, it appears that our locations have been bulk claimed by several of our fuel brands. They do not own our locations, we just sell their fuel. Some of the brands are not responding to our requests and I'm trying to find a way to gain ownership without going through them. Is this possible? The longer our requests are ignored, the more it appears that we can't gain control of our listings without appealing directly to google.



Because listing all of them is extremely cumbersome and probably hard to deal with, here's one of the sites we are having issues with. The company that has verified a vast majority of the problem sites is called "Navads" and they may have created the listings themselves, however, I do not know how it would be possible to verify those listings without actually receiving the call/postcard from google.


Stateline BP (Graham Enterprise, Inc.)

12720 N. Sheridan Road, Pleasant Prairie WI, 53158



Assuming that I never hear back from Navads, what are my options?



Ownership request for several of our businesses were denied, with no appeal available.

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# 2
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I'm in the opposite boat. 

I've claimed all the business locations creating a 'brand manager' account that supposedly has special permissions to claim local business pages with our brand in them. 

One of the managers at one of the stations claimed ownership of that location, I assume via PIN code or postcard. When I request they give ownership back the request is refused, with no recourse offered, even though this account has 13 gas stations registered to the brand and this person has 1.

So now I have to figure out who at the location is doing this and give them heck. I suppose I could also take over their email for an hour, make the request, and then approve it myself, but giving them heck should be sufficient. 


The person who reads the mail/answers the phone at the location should be in control of the business pages and it's hard to believe that there's no way to force that verification through?