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Ownership Conflict

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My business partners with local businesses in Illinois to deliver plants, flowers and decorations. We sell mostly online in Chicago. The plant and flower industry is ruthless—especially national chains that sell poor quality, factory farmed, big box plants plants to one-time customers. 


Since we're mostly e-commerce-based, how do we avoid getting accused of being a duplicate business for other businesses? We're trying to pool local resources to offer the best. We also have our own business tax ID and everything is disclosed on our site. We've had trouble getting verified-but even when we do, I'm afraid we're going to have confusion. One of our partners is close by to us, but it is a separate business.  I want to explain this all once. 


Is there anyway to explain everything to Google so we don't have any complaints or protests? Thanks guys!!


Chicago Office Plants & Decorations

137 Tower Drive, Burr Ridge Illinois





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Re: Ownership Conflict

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simple answer:

online businesses are not eligible for a local (verified) GoogleMyBusiness listing.

Only businesses facing their customers in person are eligible.
See more in here:
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Ownership Conflict

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thanks helmut. it's a local service-area business. we only deliver products/services in a local area. i think i got it.