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Ownership Conflict

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Our business is trying to have 2 people as owners to edit our business listing. We had the primary owner invite the secondary owner and the secondary owner accepted the invite and the business listing is now in the secondary owners account so everything has worked fine so far. The problem is that now there are 2 alerts saying access is needed and download not enabled. We already did the request access process. Is there anyway someone can help us to clear these alerts from our account? You can see a screenshot here . . . . . . . . showing that both people are owners (no problem here) but the account has an "Owner Conflict" warning on the page.
Here is our business information;
North Valley Hospital
1600 Hospital Way
Whitefish, MT 59901
(406) 863-3500
Thank you so much for helping us.

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Ownership Conflict

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Top Contributor

hi @Andy A


I have two remarks:


1# about possible duplicate listings:

there are infact two:


the sligthly different name doesn't matter - GMB could consider it duplicates as address website and phone are identically


2# your screenshot shows two users having access.

One is obviously you as "andy" 

who is th other one and what other listings of the same address do you both users are managing in each of your accounts beside the one within your screenshot ?

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Ownership Conflict

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You are right, there are 2 listings so one is a duplicate, thank you for
noticing that. I will work on getting the duplicate deleted. The other
user is a co-worker and we have successfully shared ownership with 2 other
listings but for some reason this one is being a problem. So, we both have
ownership of 2 other listings in our respective accounts. Thank you for
helping me, I hope I can get this resolved. Is there a way to contact
Google support for help on things like this?