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Ownership Conflict Unable To Be Resolved

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AT&T 2700 Dawson Rd #32, Albany, GA 31707 (229) 436-5312


I work for an agency that manages AT&T listings. When we got the account, our GMB account was listed as a manager on this listing with an account as the owner (this location used to be an Alltell store)


I submitted the form to regain full ownership of the listing and alerted the business owner that Google may call them to confirm our management. At first, GMB reps said that they couldn't find the original ticket I submitted, so I submitted another and waited 7 days. I also reached out to the user directly and never heard anything either through GMB or through my direct contact. 


After 7 days, I contacted GMB support to have them confirm the alltellocallistings user hadn't taken any action, then have them contact the business to unverify the listing for me to claim. The rep said that "the account was set up a particular way" and the "nature of the page prevents us from calling the business". She also said "there were two different workflows" and this page didn't fall under the workflow that allowed them to contact the business. The only option was to get in touch with whoever owned the page currently to have them transfer ownership. I don't think this account is even being managed by anyone anymore because Alltell doesn't exist anymore.


This was baffling to me because I had never heard of there being a second way to set up a page. Anyone have any solutions for getting ownership of the page?





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Re: Ownership Conflict Unable To Be Resolved

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I am a little confused.


If you were added as a manager, then the "owner" had to have added you. Which means you are in contact with the owner, how else would they have known to add you as manager ?


You should in theory not be the owner of the account as you are not the owner and should remain as manager.


If the current listed owner is also an agency ( and they added you as manager ) then you should tell them to transfer ownership of the account, to the actual business owner. I would suggest adding the business analytics account as the owner.


That way the business always has control over their own properties, and agencies remain as managers.





Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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