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4.9K members online now
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Old webmaster claimed my GMB listing

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1. Maryland Windows Doors Roofs
2. 23 West All Saints Street, Frederick Maryland 21701
3. 301 712-5228


I've had a total of 3 different webmasters helping me, one of them claimed my companies GMB listing, then promptly forgot which email he used to claim my listing.


He may ( or may not have ) used my hotmail email?


Now that I've transitioned to Gsuite, my company email is also my main Google account.


I'd like to have be the  admin of my GMB listing, without knowing which email it's claimed under, how do I go about transfer to my company email?


Thanks in advance

Old webmaster claimed my GMB listing

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Hi Keith,


The email that claimed the listing was ke… 

Does that help you find it?  I sent a request to that email asking for access.


Let me know?


Nathan D Olsen

Re: Old webmaster claimed my GMB listing

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Thanks for your assistance, to my knowledge I don't have an account at
Gmail, on the other hand I hired a different webmaster and that person may
have created one, on my behalf.

Since then,on the webmaster's recommendation, I switched to google apps or
gsuite ( Google keeps changing the names of it's products, which is
confusing and confounding to us laymen ) So now this email, on my domain,
is a google account.

what I'm after is to get this to
"claim" and or otherwise "control" or be the admin of my google listing.

I'm finding that one is forced to learn various aspects of IT in order to
conduct business and not be at the mercy of IT consultants, the guy I've
got now is teaching me to become self sufficient, and I'm grateful for that.

So if he created a gmail and I no longer have access to that, is there
another means of me getting control of my own google destiny?

Old webmaster claimed my GMB listing

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@Keith P


Someone has control of your listing because after I sent the request I received this response:


I own that name in the state of Maryland for the remodeling business. It is the name on my Maryland home improvement commission license, and is registered with the Secretary of State. No one else can engage in the remodeling business using that name. I never heard if the applicant. 


Go to create a new listing under the name it will pull up your account select it and request ownership yourself.  When they deny it request an appeal from the email.  But clearly, someone else is managing and knows they are.


Nathan Olsen