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Old business suddenly listed at my business address -

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I have been at my location since 2001.  My business used to be called "Barnes Paddock" but around 2007 / 2008 we changed it to Starting Point Stables.  I let the domain name go for,  set up a new website using, and set up Google services (email etc.) for 


The business listing was gone for Barnes Paddock (business / Google Maps / search results) and we got Starting Point Stables listed (years ago).


In the last few months I noticed when you Google search for my services Barnes Paddock shows up as the business listing at my physical address, but towards the back of the property, while Starting Point Stables shows up at the road front of the property.


For example, Google search 'Horseback riding lessons, Angier NC' and you'll see Barnes Paddock as well as Starting Point Stables on the business listings / Google Maps.  That didn't use to be that way... as I said we LONG AGO closed down everything related to Barnes Paddock and it was NOT showing up on business listings / Google maps.


I claimed the Barnes Paddock listing and for over a month now I've been 'suggesting edits' to try to get the listing removed.  I've 'claimed' the business (though I have not verified yet, the phone number listed has long ago been disconnected so I'm having to do so by mail).  I have been able to mark this listing as 'permanently close' but what I want is it REMOVED (why it came back is a mystery to me).


1. Full business name =  Starting Point Stables is the correct business name for the physical location

2. Current business address = 1494 Carson Gregory Road, Angier NC 27501

3. Current telephone number = Unlisted, we do horse boarding so we don't need to list a phone number because we refer people to our website due to getting to many junk phone calls.  The old landline phone number, the one still on the Barnes Paddock Equestrian Center listing is (910) 897-5033

4. Google Maps URL =  


This link will show both Barnes Paddock and Starting Point Stables:


This link will show the map with ONLY Barnes Paddock:,-78.6727914,15z


If you type in "Barnes Paddock" in Google Maps the location will come up but while it is loading it will change the name to "Starting Point Stables", however the results still are at the 'marker' at the back of our property:,-78.6735655,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4...


If you type in "Starting Point Stables" in Google Maps the location comes up as this, while also showing "Barnes Paddock" at the back of our property:,-78.6762925,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4...


5. Website (if applicable)