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Old Address Still Showing up on Google Search Results

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We moved to a new location 341 Visitacion Ave, Brisbane, CA 94005 approximately 5 years ago from our old address: 4 Joost Ave, San Francisco, CA 94131 We have tried to claim the old page (which shows permanently closed) but the landlord refuses to send the google verification mail to us to allow us to do so. For our new address we have claimed the page and marked it as open.    


However, when we type in our business name (Bruce Maddox CPA) the old address still shows up. When will the change take place. In the backend in our Google My Business we have the new address and everything is verified.


Please let us know if we need to implement any additional step.

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November 2015

Re: Old Address Still Showing up on Google Search Results

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@James M


few remarks please:


if you moved from the old address "4 Joost Ave, San Francisco, CA 94131" to a new address (where ever it is) it correct and intended to have the old location marked as "closed"

Such marker doesn't tell your customers your business is closed but tells them the concrete location of the business is closed.

btw searching for yor full name "Bruce Maddox CPA" I get the new  location:

Screenshot 2015-11-20 at 09.34.39.png


So should get you any other user too.


Next point:

don't care about not getting sent the PIN postcard from the landord of the old address.

Even in case you would get it forwarded to you you wont't be able remove the marker "closed" nor editing it address to the new address "341 Visitacion Ave, Brisbane, CA 94005" as there is already a verified local business page for your business: its this one:




Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Old Address Still Showing up on Google Search Results

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It seems that your account is being watched by google as they have fixed this issue immediately after you posted. -Thanks for your answer.