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Need to get rid of previous owner's Google My Business Listing. Owner is Deceased

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Business name Buttercream Bakeshop - Denver


We have owned our business for over two years and have worked hard to establish an attractive profile on Google My Business.  However, the listing from the previous owner is still active.  When someone Googles our business name, the previous owner's information shows up first and if you zoom completely in on the map, you can see our listing. 


When we bought the business, we changed the name.  At that time, customers notified Google that the business was permanently closed.  THEN, customers started notifying Google that there was just a name change.  SO, here we are with the old listing being more dominant.  We want our current listing to be prominent and for the old one to go away.  Our current listing has updated photos, information, posts, etc. while the old listing has not been updated in over two year


The previous owner is now deceased.  We do have documentation of her death if that is needed in order to get this fixed.  Please help.

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Need to get rid of previous owner's Google My Business Listing. Owner is Deceased

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Hi @Stephanie C


I'm not sure about your issu.


Guessing it's about Buttercream Bakeshop


What is wrong with it?


Actually this listing is managed by this account:  ja…

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Need to get rid of previous owner's Google My Business Listing. Owner is Deceased

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I don't know if the link at the bottom of this email, will work, but THIS is our Google My Business.


With the previous owner, the name of the business was Big Fat Cupcake.  We renamed the business Buttercream Bakeshop in February 2016. 


At some point the public notified Google that Big Fat Cupcake had CLOSED, then later on that they had CHANGED the name to Buttercream Bakeshop. 


Meanwhile, we started our own listing with Google and OUR profile did show up for awhile when we google searched our business.  NOW, the old profile (Big Fat Cupcake, changed to Buttercream Bakeshop) is showing up.  And if you look at the photos on that one, you'll see Big Fat Cupcake on the products.  ALSO, if you zoom ALL the way in on the map, OUR business (the correct one) shows up behind the old one.  And if you click on that one, the correct one shows up, but it is basically hidden by the old one.  The previous owner passed away in the summer of 2016, so, I'm not sure what to do.  We don't want the public seeing all the old photos, information, etc.,-104.9493954,18.54z/data=!4m12!1m6!...