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Need reviews that were not meant for my agency removed

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I just re-obtained ownership of the Hearing and Speech Center of Florida account.  Unfortunately, (and I don't know how the maps got confused) there was a picture of another center "central Florida Speech & Hearing Center" representing our agency.   Since the names are very similar, I can see how people may confuse them.  There were some bad reviews--Specifically of an employee/contractor indicating she did not get paid.  We are an 80 year old non for profit agency serving community and because we are funded by County and United Way, we always have worked correctly and have never had a payment issue.  I have confirmed that this person, never worked at my agency, hence, that review must have been for the other place.  Due to the fact that our accounts were getting confused and that the picture of THAT center was on our account, I am requesting that you remove the bad reviews that were not ours.  I accept a review that was meant for our agency, but it was google that made the error of attaching that center picture in our account due to similarities of names.

I ask for a manager to help me because the man I just spoke to was not helpful and said there was nothing to do here.  I have since, changed pictures and ensured to become owner of this account....but now need your help with this situation. 



Betty, Speech -Language pathologist/ Executive Director