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Need Help for Google Business Conflict

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Business Name : Thana Thai Kitchen

Address : 882A Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

Phone : 871-648-8888

Map :,-71.1637281,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0...

Website :



Someone take the owner for my business and I've try to get my business back since Jan this year. However, I've not get my business back yet. Anyone know how to contact google directly? I've tried to call to call centre 844-491-9665 many times but seem they just want to drop my line. Please help.


Thank you

Need Help for Google Business Conflict

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Hi @Thana T,


As per Google:


In order to request ownership rights for your business listing:

1.  Access Google My Business

2.  Search for and select your business

3.  Click the Request admin rights button


You can also contact Google My Business Support for further assistance.


Hope this helps!


Local SEO Ashley

Need Help for Google Business Conflict

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Hey @Thana T,


You can call Google, but they already have an automated process to claim a listing that has been verified by someone else.


To get access to a listing that has already been verified, follow these steps:

1. Go ahead and try and claim the listing in Google My Business. It should tell you it’s verified and take you to the request access form.

2. When you fill that out, you’ll get an email. It’s imperative that you do not delete this email because you need it to appeal if the existing owner denies your request to transfer ownership.

3. The current owner has 7 days to respond. Do not contact GMB about this as they won’t do anything if it hasn’t been 7 days. The entire process is automated so you shouldn’t need to contact them at all.

4. If they grant you access within 7 days, your account now becomes the primary owner and they are demoted to a manager. This means you can go in and remove them, if needed.

5. If they deny you access or don’t respond in 7 days, pull up the email you received and click “view request”. If they denied you access, you should see a button to appeal. If they didn’t respond you should see a button that says “verify”. Both of these buttons do the same thing - they allow you to verify the listing via postcard. Once you successfully get the pin and enter it, this immediately boots the other user out completely and you are now the primary owner.

Have you already tried this method? If not it should get you access to your listing.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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