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My business verified by someone else who possible hacked me

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Hey everyone please help me now, I'm so lost and don't know what to do. A month ago someone name Gregory Chen was keeping requesting the ownership from my business page. I rejected many times and I still have his email on file. Suddenly one day I logged in and realized he became the owner!! I contacted google, but all they say was they don't know. Possibly we didn't take action for 7 days and he requested for verification and passed it. Well here are two question. Last request I received from him was rejected by me. So I did take a action. Secondly there's no way he can pass the verification because I'm the owner of restaurant and I have full access to phone and mail box. So I tried to tell agent to send both of us a request of document of proof of ownership! But agent was like sorry the current business owner has verified already, so I need to REQUEST OWNERSHIP FROM HIM! Come on google, if this theft stole my business page he's not going to give back to me!!! I requested one one and he put me as communications manager which pissed me the fk off because I'm the real owner. Anyway, is wondering if google can take further action on this. At least give me his number so I can call him! Not just sending email!

full name: china dragon Chinese restaurant

business number 5122515999

location 2700 w pecan st. Suite 600 pflugerville tx, 78660 

THEFT: Gregory Chen, email