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My business Shows that it is permanently closed but we are open

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The Indiana Jones Home has been sold again and we were suppose to get all the information from the previous owner. However, they do not want to release the information and they tell us they know longer no the passwords to give us the information needed to show that the Indiana Jones Bed & Breakfast is still open for business we have paid out several thousands of dollars to get the Indiana Jones Home up and going since purchasing the business it is very disheartening to do a search and see that it says our business is permanently closed. This will cause people not to go to our website which in turns causes us to lose on profits which can end up in our business closing because someone didn't want to help out...Please put the Indiana Jones Home Bed & Breakfast as being open we are open for business....We do have an attorney if they need to get involved...The old email address that was used for the IndianaJonesHome is no longer accessible so every time I report the message it is just going into cyber space to stay. Please fix the listing to open even when you click on the link it goes to the new website called   our local number is 719-376-2278 and our toll free number 800-547-5650. I haven't gotten calls for reservations in about a week now and I don't know just how long it has been since the status was changed from open to permanently would be nice if there was a person you could talk too...before your admin go to changing information they should at least call the local business...Are you going to pay me $175 dollars per room and day that we miss out on having guest because of your mistake google.


Thank you 

Upset Business Owner 

Indiana Jones Bed & Breakfast


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Re: My business Shows that it is permanently closed but we are open

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Top Contributor
Hi Roxanne

I know it is frustrating when previous owners don't do the right thing but hopefully there is an easy fix for this situation.

Firstly, I assume you are talking about this listing?,-106.006963,15z/data=!4m2!3...

If so, the first thing you need to do is click on the 'suggest an edit' button and mark the business as open. This may not happen immediately but it will go into a moderation queue and hopefully a Maps editor will approve the request soon.

The second thing you need to do is request ownership of the page be transferred to you via the steps in this article: This will take a little time but once that has happened then you can make all the changes to the page that you wish, including marking the business open (if that has not yet happened) and changing the website etc.

Good luck.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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