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Multiple google accounts - which one is associated with map?

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I  have a SERIOUS problem...

Here is my business information: 
1. Robert Floris : Mortgage Architects
2. 651 Fennell Ave, E., Hamilton, Ontario, L8V 1T9
3. 905-574-9200 Ext. 215
I have the abovementioned business that is listed on google maps: 

It has 28 great reviews. Very valuable to me. 
Here's the problem...I don't have access to the account!!!!!!!!!! If I search through google accounts, I have 4 different accounts and I don't know which one is associated with the "important" one on the map!!!!!

Now I thought that it would be the one with me wearing the blue shirt since that picture matches the picture on the map but the title is different. I don't think it's the one with me wearing the black shirt because neither the picture nor the title match. Then you have the 2 accounts with titles "Robert Floris : Mortgage Architects" that match the title on Google Maps but in that case, there is no picture. So I have 2 problems: which one is it????? And the second problem is, which email address was used to create it???? I'm only aware of 2 email addresses, both of which I'm able to access but neither one seems to be associated with the map and the other 2 I don't know the email address that was used to create it. If I could just figure out first which one is the "valid" one and get rid of the rest, then I could start trying to gain access???
Please help!! I've been struggling with this for a year and I called in to Google support and they sent me here!!!